C O M P A S S E I N S T E I N ' S

"Einstein’s Compass" is an epic film of magic and mystery that will inspire and leave you tingling with a sense of awe. In a truly heroic journey, the movie charts Albert Einstein’s life, his battles over enormous obstacles to rise from obscurity to become the most famous and recognisable man ever.

While the 20th Century was packed with extraordinary people who left their mark on society, one person soared far above all and was the unanimous choice for Time Magazine’s "Person of the Century" – Albert Einstein. To this day, he continues to change your life and the lives of every person.

Einstein Productions has crafted a unique story weaving together the science and humanity of Albert Einstein in a historically accurate and thoroughly engaging story, in the new film Einstein’s Compass.

Over the coming months we will share with you the progress of this major motion picture as it moves from production to the big screen. The Producers hope you enjoy being part of this journey.